Westside…Bankhead…Trinidad James

If you’re from Atlanta, you know who Trinidad James is. If you don’t, you’re in for a treat. And if you love a 10 piece mild combo with a peach drink from American Deli, you’re in for an even bigger treat. Today, Nina and myself (Jessica) had the pleasure of meeting Mr. All Gold Everything himself, Trinidad James. It started with me texting Nina the morning of, wanting to know if she wanted to meet Trinidad. I knew fully well she would say yes. She did, and I spent the rest of the day worrying about what I would wear, and that I didn’t have enough gold. I went over to her apartment, and when she pulled out the liquor I knew we would be ok.

Rum + PassionFruit

Rum + PassionFruit

So we’re driving to American Deli and *maybe* get a little lost…which is not the best thing to do in the area that we’re in. But we find our way there, do a couple drive-by’s, finish our drinks, and finally park. Not knowing what to expect, if we need to order an actual 10 pc, we walk in and immediately feel at home. We see Trinidad himself to our right, posing with a few kids that are no older than 5.

Trinidad love the kids!

Trinidad love the kids!

As we approached Mr. James, our first words where “We have a blog!, YoungWildAndEmployed” and “I Love You And I love Your Shoes.” He politely smiled at us and took a picture. Nina wanted a signed poster and he asked how to spell…Nina. She had her wish granted, and I sure as hell wanted the same. So here’s our proof:

Nina "Thank You" Jessica: "Be Blessed"

Nina “Thank You”
Jessica: “Be Blessed”

So in closing, we want to say, Trinidad James , thank you for being so cool and posing with two white girls who love your ratchet little face. You made our night:)


Nina and Jessica

Gold All In My Watch

Gold All In My Watch

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